Why does the Spotify app close by itself when I open WhatsApp or another application?

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With all the advances in the technological world in recent years, nothing is the same, communicating is easier with just a few taps. And it doesn't just happen in communications, it also happens in the world of music and the way we listen to it, being now faster and easier.

Why does Spotify only close when I open another app? - Simple solutions

This is thanks to the new platforms launched with which we can listen to music as a streaming player, and then listen to whatever it is without any interruption. An example of these applications is the huge YouTube platform, but there are many others, and in this case we will talk about one of them, Spotify.

The Spotify platform is very easy to use, it is one of them streaming music players in which you have more than 10.000 songs available in your account to listen to, but you can find millions more for you. Spotify makes it easy for its users to listen to their favorite songs at work, at home, on the street from any device.

This application was launched in 2008, being a free application but with some limitations in it, but without paying for a Premium account you will have limited access to the functions. Today the platform has more than 345 million always active users in his paid and free accounts.

In developing this article we want to briefly explain how to start using this application in the best way and how we can solve the problems that arise.

    Why could this happen to you?

    This mistake, unexpected as it may seem, can actually be very common for some users, the fact that you are playing a music album and while you are about to check an app like WhatsApp or Facebook, Spotify suddenly stops working.

    Among the reasons why this problem may occur is a small bug in the application version, therefore, if you notice a update in suspended, update the Spotify application in so as not to re-present these types of errors.

    What to do if Spotify only closes on my device when I open another app?

    If you have already checked and have the latest version of the application, don't worry, there might be also other factors for which the application closes.

    Another reason could be that you have activated the option on your phone battery optimization, when this option is enabled, it does not allow applications to run all their processes in the background, causing that when you exit Spotify to enter another app, the app stops.

    However, you can disable this option by following these steps:

    - We will go to the option Battery of phone.

    -In the battery section we should be able to see an option called Battery use, in in this case we insert this option.

    -Inside battery use we will see another option called Optimization of battery use, click this option.

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    After entering Battery usage optimization, we will see a list of applications with some boxes marked, this will indicate which applications they cannot run in the background.

    -In case the Spotify application is selected, the uncheck from the box and we will save the changes made.

    It stops when I open my iPhone

    IOS system users too they were no exception, since the Spotify application has found this error even in iPhone or iPad users.

    In case you have an iOS device and are getting this error then the first thing from do è do a thorough investigation to find out if you are the only one who has recently presented this type of error.

    If so, you can check if you have an outdated version of the application, for update it in a second moment and verify that there are no more these types of errors.

    Some iOS system users have also advised to connect your Spotify account to the Facebook application in case you haven't connected it yet, as while connecting the Spotify shutdown error disappears.

    If you have tried all the options like checking if the application runs in the background, the application version and other options, as a last recommendation you can contact Spotify technical support to consult a solution.

    It stops when I open it on my Android

    The solutions tend to be a bit more effective for users with the Android operating system, as it is an open source system, helps to make changes easier.

    But in case you have already used Spotify app update and battery optimization methods, one of the methods that might work is clear the app information data.

    erase data, follow these steps:

    - We will enter Settings.

    -We will go to the Applications section and then in Application management.

    -When we enter the application manager, we can find a list of all the applications that are on our mobile phone, we will scroll down to find the Spotify app.

    -After entering the Spotify application information, we can see the size of what this app occupies in memory, followed by information such as data usage and battery consumption.

    -We will find an option called Application storage, we will go in there and see the application data and the cache.

    -As a final step, we will delete both application data, both app data and cache memory, then we will re-enter Spotify and log in from scratch and see how the app behaves after deleting its data.

    -In an extreme case where we keep having the same constant error closing the app, we recommend that you reinstall the app and otherwise contact Spotify technical support for more information.

    On my computer or PC

    When there is an error that the application closes on computers, the reasons why this could happen are much wider, there are some options through which it could happen.

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    However, it is recommended try all methods that we have at our disposal to be able to fix this Spotify error on PC.

    Firewall blocking

    A firewall is a tool that contains the Windows system, it is responsible for protecting the system from cyber threats, the problem here is that our firewall may have taken the Spotify application as a threat.

    If the Firewall has blocked the Spotify application, just enter the security settings of our computer and unlock the App, as well as allowing the connection of our internet with the music application.

    Compatibility mode

    All applications have an option called Compatibility Mode, in which it can work according to the type of system we have, among them Spotify, the error we might have is that the application is running on a lower system than ours.

    To make sure this doesn't happen, we will right-click on the Spotify icon and go to Properties, within Properties there will be a tab called Compatibility.

    Within this tab we will find the Compatibility Mode and see which option is selected, if it is running on a system other than ours, our options are select the correct system or uncheck the compatibility mode box.

    Spotify pauses when opening other apps, what can I do?

    Many times this little bug can happen to us while using the application, however, we can find a solution, this one based on identifying the source of the problem, only then can we test the methods named to give a definitive solution for the correct functioning of the application.

    How to start using Spotify and take advantage of its features?

    First you can get started by accessing the Spotify official page from your browser to register and start a free trial on the platform. To register here, the page gives you the option to register with the data you have in your Facebook account, although you can also start by downloading the mobile application.

    Once in the application, you can start creating your Spotify account on your mobile, through which the platform will ask for your registration , even with your Facebook data. After completing this step, you can start reviewing the guide that the application presents to you so that you can make the most of all its functions.

    And having your account created, as a free account, you can take advantage of the services of listening to your favorite songs and six connected to a Wi-Fi network or data connection. This way, with a good connection you can find millions of playlists for your best moments and wherever you are.

    On the other hand, if you decide to have a Spotify Premium account, the advantages are more obvious, since with it you can listen to your playlists, regardless of whether you are offline. And since Spotify is aware of the songs and music genres you like, every Monday offers you a playlist of recommendations with songs you might like.

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    Now, many active users have been looking for the solution to a common problem, namely Spotify closes them when they enter another application . Therefore, here we will explain how to solve this problem, which, although it should not happen, since it is an application that can run in the background.

    Why does the Spotify app close when I quit? How to solve the problem?

    In such cases, this problem may occur due to some incompatibility with the application you are entering or with another application, while listening to your plays on Spotify. Therefore, the first thing you should do is find the application; So take a look, it will most likely need an update.

    So, you could use an application that helps you clean up your phone's system and, at the same time, uninstall and reinstall the application that is causing the crash. If you have already restarted your mobile and also the application and the problem persists, you can check that Spotify application is up to date and if not, do it right now.

    In this way, you will improve the stability of the application and thus you will avoid that it has more falls on your device; But what if the problem persists? you could do something else. As a last option that can help you, you can do a factory data reset of your mobile, making sure you have backups first .

    Find out how to get the most out of Spotify

    Although there may be some errors related to using the application, Spotify is l' playback application most popular music and used all over the world.

    No app saves you from having the weird error, but that doesn't mean it's not bad, as in fact, more than most artists around the world upload their music to the platform.

    For the same and therefore, Spotify has a very important position and relevant worldwide, being a reference point for music, a universal radio.

    Using Spotify is an excellent option, as it can offer us many options and help us enjoy the music a little more since we don't know it, we can achieve this by getting the most out of the app.

    Spotify not only offers music content, it also has a very amazing section that was included quite recently, that is la category Podcast , in this category we can find Contents of all kinds, be it Comedy, Interviews, Recreational, among others.

    In addition to podcasts, Spotify can also give us the opportunity to be a list maker, that if they have a very varied content, your list can become one of the most influential within the application, with thousands of followers and listeners on a monthly basis.

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