Why does Uber charge me more and twice for the same trip and what can I do?

L'app Uber may have flaws despite being an excellent platform. Errors such as being charged more than twice for the same trip can happen. If this is your case, read on to know how to fix it.

There was an irregular situation in Uber some time ago. Many users have pointed out on Twitter that they have had problems with charges on the platform and the hashtag #UberFraude it even went viral.

Why does Uber charge me more and twice for the same trip and what can I do?

Users have been charged more than once for the same trip . The most affected people were those who paid by Paypal or by credit card.

One user stated that the payment has been charged more than nine times . While another reported that his card was no longer accepting payments from Uber because he already had several outstanding charges.

      Why does Uber charge me more than double for a ride?

      There are a number of reasons why a duplicate charge may appear on your account . Either way, it could be an error in the app, even if Uber has already made an update that fixes the #UberFraud error.

      Paypal payments

      If you paid with Paypal, there may be a delay in the reflection of the payment within the application. This error has caused my account to be debited for the full amount of the travel fare on more than one occasion.

      Uber acknowledges the error when this occurs and refunds the money. Your money will automatically be refunded within a few working days.

      In case your money is not returned, check out the Uber support area first . They will try to fix the error, but if the error corresponds to the Paypal platform, you will need to contact them directly.

      Paypal's support system is quite efficient and they also have a toll-free international line. You can call for free using Google Hangouts .

      Unexpected charges

      The additional amount may be due to a readjustment of the cost of the trip . There may be a charge for the delay or if the driver reports damage to the vehicle.

      If you got into the unit drunk and threw up your vehicle , the driver can make a complaint and the additional fees will be charged to your account. The driver must show evidence for the claim to be validated.

      last minute changes

      Any changes made during the trip will be reflected on the invoice. You will receive an updated receipt detailing any changes, so request your travel invoice before filing a claim and review the information.

      If you change the route or include a new passenger on the trip at the last minute, the amount varies. Other types of changes can be additional stops or unusual traffic.

      How do I report multiple charges in Uber?

      Before making any report, first check that these are not two different trips with the same amount. If you checked and the charge isn't justified, contact support so they can help you.

      • Go up riders.uber.com
      • Check your travel history to get the necessary data
      • Access the section of the Uber guide and look for the option that comes closest to your problem. In this case it would be a duplicate charge
      • Submit the amount and date of travel
      • Explain the situation in detail

      Another way to file a complaint is through the Uber help page. There, fill in the fields with the required information such as the amount, date of the first charge, date of the second charge, date of the third charge.

      In the last field put all the details of the accident . He also explains if the charges are not all the same amount.

      Uber will review all of the information and if it concludes that an error has occurred , will refund the money in the indicated amount . It may take several days to process the return.

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