Why does WhatsApp Web disconnect when I lock or turn off my mobile screen?

WhatsApp Web is a communication tool that is part of the many functions that the instant messaging application WhatsApp Messenger offers to all its users.

It is basically a question of being able to enter al your WhatsApp account habitual, via computer or tablet, by accessing the official page where you need to scan a QR code from the WhatsApp application on your mobile phone.

That's right, without having to download an additional application on your computer or tablet or mobile phone, you can easily access WhatsApp Web. Without a doubt, it is a very useful tool for all WhatsApp Messenger users, since you can enjoy almost all the functions that offers the WhatsApp application Messenger, from the comfort of your PC.

It's a big plus for people who work from a computer and need to keep in touch via WhatsApp , because they will have all of this together on one screen without having to take the phone.

However, to use WhatsApp web you have to take into account some things, the main one is that it is the mobile phone you have installed on the WhatsApp Messenger application, both the computer from which you will open WhatsApp web, must have a good internet connection.

    Reasons why WhatsApp Web disconnects when you lock your mobile

    WhatsApp web, being a separate tool from the WhatsApp Messenger application, but which also works hand in hand with it, must have one XNUMX% stable connection both with the Internet and with the mobile phone that has the WhatsApp Messenger application.

    There are several factors that can cause WhatsApp web to close at any time. One of the most common is the cell phone lock or the mobile phone screen suspension, that is, when the screen turns off.

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    Although we know, we can configure the screen sleep time ourselves according to the parameters of the mobile configuration. However, it is no secret to anyone that the screen consumes the battery of the mobile.

    The reason why WhatsApp web disconnects when the screen of the your cell phone is locked or when it is turned off, it is because there is a small interruption in the internet connection of the mobile phone. This happens because the mobile recognizes that blank or locked screen, as sleep mode, meaning that no one is using it, and in this way the same energy to save battery.

    While this is not the case with all cell phones, there are cases where the cell phone can remain completely inactive and the WhatsApp web won't stop working. As long as you keep a stable internet connection, just like the computer from which WhatsApp Web is running.

    Other reasons may be the following:

    • Have you got a poor internet connection or a break of Internet .
    • La platform WhatsApp has flaws
    • You have WhatsApp web open on more devices than allowed
    • The mobile phone has the "energy saving" mode activated
    • The cell phone freezes
    • Lo screen of the cellular turns off or enter "sleep" mode

    What to do when my WhatsApp Web disconnects when my mobile is locked

    Many experts have reported this problem as a "error" in the WhatsApp web application , as if the mobile is still connected to the internet, it shouldn't matter if it is in sleep mode or locked. However, this happens very often on most cell phones.

    The reason this only occurs in some mobiles is that many of them are changed to recognize screen off or locked mode, such as sleep mode and then automatically suspend an internet connection, although this is temporary, while It is used. cell phone locked or screen off.

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    One of the solutions is deactivate the "energy saving" mode of the mobile phone, if activated. This will ensure that even if locked or with the screen turned off, the mobile phone will normally maintain the Internet connection.

    Another solution in case the previous one does not work, is to go to the "settings" or "configuration" section of the mobile phone, then go to the option of "wifi networks", "advanced", then look for the option of 'keep Wi-Fi active at rest 'and activate it so that the connection is not interrupted when the mobile is inactive.

    How to prevent my WhatsApp web session from disconnecting

    As we have seen, WhatsApp Web tends to log out at due to problems with the configuration of our phone. To avoid this, it's best to go into the settings and look for the screen and battery section. From here we can see if there is an activated savings plan or something that takes the priority off the app. If it is enabled we will have to disable it.

    By removing all energy savings we shouldn't have any problems with the session. If the problem persists, that's better close all sessions and reopen them . For this we open the app from the mobile and press the symbol with the dots and then in WhatsApp Web. Once here, we will select to close all active sessions, then we will restart them on one of our computers and try. Hopefully, we can open them to everyone we want.

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