Why doesn't Glovo come to my house? - Glovo orders don't come

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It is possible that on a busy day hundreds of things happen to you at the same time, and that among all the tasks and work you do every day, you are unable to complete all the goals you have set for yourself.

For this, in general, people have chosen to look for people who help them in time management, but this is something you can do without having to run around with so many things and worries, and all this is thanks to the services that Glovo offers you.

The way it is used is quite simple, hire the service via its mobile application and choose what you need, have a package collected, have something sent to you or send an urgent message.

All this is possible thanks to a wonderful platform, in which its users have the possibility of being the service providers, as well as using them with total trust and security.

All of this has been offered to a large number of users, who agree that i products and services offered by the platform are the ideal ones to be able to remain among the best shipping platforms in the world.

The person who created Globo , Has realized this platform could possess a very good reception among users, in addition to focusing on customer care they invested a lot of themselves, in order to take place before any delivery company dared to come. Above all, Glovo is available for both Spain and the rest of the world.

However, it is possible that during your use in the company, there are errors among which you may feel a bit cheated. However, this is a problem that we will help you solve in today's post.

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Learn a little more in this post, about the best way you can solve the problem of when Glovo it does not come directly to your home.

It's not always the delivery guys' fault

In general, these service and parcel applications usually ask us for one review, which should be based on what we feel as customers and on the service that the distributor has provided us.

However, some things are not always the fault of the delivery man but of the company, which in general are the ones that place various stipulations in advance that may not be to our liking.

Based on this, it often happens that shipments cannot be delivered to our doorstep and for this there are two possible reasons and some solutions:

  1. Il GPS of your phone cannot send your address correctly, so your Glover will not be able to reach the desired location. To solve this problem, we recommend that you disconnect your GPS from yours cellular and then turn it back on, in this way the GPS will be calibrated again and in this way it will take your current address much better.
  2. It is possible that the route of the service you have requested does not reach your place of residence; This could be due to a restriction in your area or, failing that, to some conditions of service of the place where you requested delivery. In this case, there isn't much you can do, as the deliveries or the shipments are done in agreement with the customer and the person providing the service, so the best thing you can do is get closer to an area where the arrival of your Glovo might be more accessible
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Try to verify that the paths match your address

One of the best things Glovo does is to make their companies happy, for which it provides them with all instruments and the opportunities with which they can best develop their work.

Based on this, each restaurant and service promoted within its network has the opportunity to choose the areas and distances that its Glovers will travel.

This ensures optimal service and that the food arrives at its destination in an optimal way, as this is the way it is Glovo takes care of its image and the service it offers .

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