Why doesn't Google Chrome play videos on PC or my Android phone?

The problem that Google Chrome doesn't play videos on a device , can be very common, but rather annoying. Videos have become a very popular entertainment medium for users of devices such as: computers and phones.

Having fun with a video has never been easier, today there are countless platforms that can be used to play videos. One of these is YouTube , to use it you must have a Google account.

However, you can also use YouTube without a Google account, well not all users have an account in this one essential tool , but that can change.

    Why Chrome Won't Play Videos on PC

    Sometimes when you want to watch a video, you find that Google Chrome doesn't play videos on either your pc or phone. This is the product of some obsolete or incorrect configurations in applications. There are several reasons why you may be experiencing this problem and here we will show you what they are.

    Check your extensions, caches and cookies

    Some of the extensions installed in the browser create the problem that Google Chrome does not play videos. So long as these extensions block correct functionality browser, the best solution is to remove them.

    Furthermore, the stored cache and allowed cookies can also affect its correct functioning. For this reason, you need to delete them so that you can watch the videos you like from your devices.

    Enable JavaScript

    Another cause of this error in the browser is the deactivation of Javascript. This is what you get allows you to read the code language with which the pages, applications or games were written. Therefore, an activation of this language is required.

    The problem that Chrome does not play videos on a device can be very common, in various cases it occurs due to badly configured settings. However, there are many users who do not know the reasons for this. To solve the problem you can try to go to the browser settings.

    To do this, you need to click "Other" , then select "Settings", click on the "Privacy and Security" option, a menu will appear where you need to select "Site Settings".

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    Then, choose the "JavaScript "and select" Allowed. "Once the process is complete, reload the page where the video is located again. However, this may not solve the problem.

    reset settings

    In this sense, some of the settings you have preset can also cause this problem. If Google Chrome doesn't play videos, you need to reset the settings.

    For this, with the browser open, you have to go to the button with the three dots or more and access it. So, in the part that marks reset, click the button of the same name. Finally, save the change and go back to watching the video to see if it works.

    Update Google Chrome

    Another solution is update the Google browser to watch videos. This procedure is done by returning to the three-point section which takes you to the options. In it you will select Update Google Chrome and then click on restart.

    Alternatively, you can try updating the 'Chrome' browser on your computer, but if you are not using one and you have your smartphone Android handy , you can try to update the YouTube application, if it is the one you use to watch videos.

    To do this, go to the "PlayStore" application store and, in the search bar, type the word "YouTube", select the "Update" option and wait for the download process to complete, then open the application and launch it. .

    Check and reset your internet connection

    Connecting to the Internet can also affect the playback of multimedia content through platforms such as YouTube. Because if the internet is idle or slow, the video will not be able to play.

    To solve this case, you have several solutions, how to disconnect the Wifi from your computer or turn off your pc. Similarly, you can restart the modem router that generates the network connection. Then plug everything back in and try again.

    Update Flash Player

    Adobe flash Player is a program that contains the computer video player. Therefore, if this program becomes out of date, no videos will be displayed on your computer or laptop.
    Therefore you should quickly update this program. This is done by searching for the application on the Internet and downloading it, then running the corresponding installation and running the program again.

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    How to fix videos not playing on mobile

    On the other hand, the problems generated by Google Chrome in terms of video playback they can also occur on cell phones. In this sense, you may find that you cannot watch videos on your phone from the browser or YouTube application.

    Update Google Chrome

    Updating your browser is one of the main things you should do. Since you must have updated applications to enjoy their best versions. So you should go to Google Play and download the new browser version in case you don't have it.

    Check and reset your internet connection

    The internet connection on your phone is another factor that makes it impossible to play videos in Google Chrome. So you have to make sure you have a good internet connection . For this you can turn off and on the Wifi of your phone and reconnect.

    Another solution is to check if you are collecting mobile data in case you are connected in this way. If not, you need to search the signal necessary for the phone to connect. Finally you can restart the modem from where the internet signal is emitted.

    Enable JavaScript

    The Java Code Reader must also be updated and activated to function properly. This is done by opening the browser and going to the More section to access the browser settings. You have to find where it says JavaScript and then activate its execution.

    Clear cache and cookies

    As with computers, it is necessary to constantly clear the cache for mobile applications. For this, on your mobile, go to the phone settings and search for the application you want to clean.
    In this case, it can be YouTube or Google Chrome, where videos are normally viewed. After entering one of them, you need to go to where it shows the saved cache and click on Delete. Then you confirm the process and go back to the application to see if it worked.

    How to watch high quality YouTube videos from my computer?

    If the solution for the problem that Chrome won't play videos on a device was simple enough, play great quality videos on YouTube, it will be even more so. To do this, you can go to the "YouTube" page.

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    You have to write the word YouTube in the browser, and enter its official page, then you have to open the video you prefer, as you always have, You have to keep in mind that the 'YouTube' video platform now plays the ads.

    The ad will appear for a few seconds and then the video you have chosen will start playing, so you have to select the figure in the shape of 'Key' , then select the 'Quality' option.

    Once this step is completed, there will be some formats established in the form of pixels, the higher the number, the higher the quality of the video and hence, it will look much better and sharper. Obviously to do all of the above, it is Internet connection required.

    However, there are ways to play YouTube videos without internet access, but only for Android smartphones. But, if you're on a computer, you can still enjoy the videos, with a good one Internet connection.

    What to do if my internet connection is slow and videos freeze?

    The problem with Chrome not playing videos on a device doesn't seem to be the only tirade that overwhelms users. Many times, while playing a video, the video freezes. It also happens when the PC completely freezes in Windows 10 or another system.

    To fix it, you can do several things, one of them is to completely reset the browser, if you are using "Chrome" you can try, selecting the "Other" option , then choose: "Settings", "Advanced Settings".

    It is necessary to press the with the mouse 'Reset settings' section , then click on the 'Restore Defaults' option, this will delete all history data, cache and stored cookies. Many times this slows down the browsing process.

    On the other hand, it could be that your computer or smartphone is cluttered with information or that you have many programs or applications, this can cause the equipment to malfunction,

    However, this may not be the case and the internet connection is simply very slow, but it is very unlikely, since when this happens the video is not loaded.

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