Why doesn't my Android phone have a video and music player? How can I listen or play music?

Smartphones have made great strides over time, being able to have a diverse number of functions that at the moment of truth can be really useful for users who normally use these devices.

My Android Phone Won't Play Videos and Music [App for iOS and Android]

However, also thanks to these new updates, various applications that normally came have been eliminated previously installed on our Android device by default.

A clear example of this are the music and video players , which were generally downloaded to our device from the factory version.

Fortunately, Google has developed an application that can play any mp3 file that is installed on your device by default, we are talking, the Google's official music player , which also allows you to transfer the songs you have saved in your library to YouTube Music platform easily and simply.

    Most Android devices don't have a video or music player installed in the operating system by default, but don't worry, this is not an error on the phone, as this is normal.

    And this is because of the brand of phone you are currently using did not create its own application in able to play the songs you want or the videos you download or record, as in the case of Samsung brand devices, which from the factory version have an application developed by the same company that can play the songs, audios and videos you have on your device.

    However, in case you don't have a music or video player installed by default on your phone and you are not interested in using the Google Play Music application, you can choose to download another music player for free from the official store from the Google Play Store, as there is a wide variety of applications for this purpose.

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    What are the best music players for Android phones?

    Google has a large variety of applications and tools of any kind that can facilitate any action or satisfy any need of the user who uses an Android device, however if you wish install an alternative music player to any application that Google offers, you can keep reading this article as below we will show you some of the best music players for your Android smartphone

    • MediaMonkey

    Media monkey is a very complete music player application, which allows you to organize audios in different sections, such as audiobooks, music, podcasts, among others, and can also be used in the Android Auto system, but what really does A l 'exclusive MediaMonkey application is its function capable of sync your songs to your computer with your phone's music library.

    • Free BlackPlayer Music Player

    This player complies with all equalization and organization functions with respect to songs, it should also be noted that it is fully customizable so that you can change the color and position of any value in the application.

    • Power amplifier

    Poweramp is one of the most used music players by android users, because it is an efficient and easy to use application, you can too change the theme and colors of the application by downloading themes from the Google Play Store.

    What are the best video players for Android phones?

    • Google photo

    Let's start this list with one of the most used applications on Android devices, Google photos will allow you to play and view any audiovisual file, not only, but it also has the function of save its content online , i.e. in case you delete the .file files on your phone, you can recover them with the help of Google Photos

    • VLC player

    Initially this application was developed for computers, but thanks to its great popularity it has managed to be adapted so that you can download it from your Android device, VCL player is a very effective and easy to use application, so you just need to open the video you want to watch with this application to automatically start playing.

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