Why doesn't my Smart TV have Bluetooth? how to mount an adapter step by step

A world so revolutionized by the technological age and by the use of the internet, makes it common to have a Smart TV with an operating system at home, since there offers l' access to apps such as Bluetooth which offers the possibility of being able to pair an excellent variety of units that will make your life a real experience in terms of multimedia content.

In this sense, the vast majority of Smart TVs, especially the latest versions, has a built-in Bluetooth unit. This tv offers several benefits at home.

Now, what happens with those few Smart TVs, that do not have this bluetooth application , don't stress here we will tell you how to solve this situation step by step.

Why doesn't my Smart TV have Bluetooth?

Although it is true that currently the most TVs have a Bluetooth app and its activation is simple, it is also true that there are some that do not have this application and this will depend on the model and brand of the TV.

To find out if your equipment has this app and you have its model and make, look for it on the manufacturer's website, once there, look for the part that says "Specifications" , there the manufacturer describes the apps that your television has.

If you don't know the model and make, then look on the label that is attached to your Smart TV, there the manufacturer indicates the model and it also tells you the serial number of your TV, now proceed with the data entry and search the information on the internet.

How to connect a Bluetooth adapter to my Smart TV?

Before buying an adapter of this type, make sure it has the features and requirements you need, as there are two types: for transmitting data and others with double function (two in one) and the most recommended, which you need for transmit data and audio since they have a 3,5mm port which streams audio to wireless headphones. It will also allow you to have in advance the materials you need for its connection to your Smart TV.

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You should also make sure your TV has a 3,5 mm jack output , RCA or an optical digital output, for connecting the adapter. To connect the adapter, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the adapter has a sufficient power charge , turn it on.
  2. Then turn on the second bluetooth-enabled device, be it a phone, a wireless headset or other (place it next to the adapter), it will start the search, you will see a green and red light flashing on both devices, as it signals that it is trying to pair. If your second device is a wireless headset , wait for it to stop blinking and for the blue light to stay on.
  3. Then connect the Jack cable to the audio headphone port on your TV, turn on the TV.
  4. Now, if necessary, you have to manually mute the speakers from the TV options menu, which you are going to configure, then select the speakers and press on the headset, now you can enjoy the audio. This will depend on the make and model of your TV.
  5. In case you want to pair your mobile, you have to configure it; depending on what you want to play on your tv, if it's music you want then; enter your mobile in "setting" then Bluetooth, click on activate, wait for the audio receiver to appear, it is a headphone figure, click on it, wait for it to connect to the adapter.
  6. Once connected, press on the die-shaped figure, to make sure that the multimedia audio is enabled to send music.
  7. Now go to your cellphone audio player and select the music you want to listen to on your tv. This will be placed immediately.
  8. At this point you can go and test and connect the equipment you want on your TV.
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Finally, the Bluetooth app on your Smart TV is a unit that offers its users, via the collegamento as well as the function of connecting or disconnecting Wi-Fi.

This allows for a new way of doing different activities such as being able to communicate, watch videos and listen to music, among other endless entertainment activities. Now, if you are one of the few people who like a TV without Bluetooth, you already know that you can update it via a simple adapter and following the tips we teach you here.

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