Why don't I hear or hear in Fortnite? - Voice chat troubleshooting

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Knowing a few tricks when I'm not listening or not being heard in Fortnite it can be very useful while playing a game . Since its solution is really simple in relation to other anomalies. Before starting to play Fortnite it is important to know which devices are compatible with the game.

Why don't I hear or hear in Fortnite? - Voice chat troubleshooting

For the uninitiated, users of the video game they have a built-in command that works like a voice chat. Through it, free communication between the participants for the techniques or strategies of the game is allowed.

Fortnite it is a totally variable world, because it has different functions in its worlds, making communication an indispensable factor for playing. These functions of communicating with other people vary depending on the console used to play the game.

    What are the solutions when I can't hear in Fortnite?

    There are several methods to solve, especially when they don't listen to me or can't hear me in Fortnite, among them are the following:

    Evaluate the volume of the voice chat

    Many Internet users think that there is an operational failure, not knowing that the voice chat volume is off or low. The first thing to do is to review this criterion.

    One piece of advice is that this is more than 50% of its capacity , as if it is very low, the headphones or speakers will not pick up the sound well. Therefore, the user will not be able to hear what is said in conversations with legibility.

    In addition to enjoying the sounds of the game and interaction with other players, Fortnite also allows you to enjoy your gaming experience to the fullest by removing or inserting vibrations on the controller to play.

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    Look at the chat settings

    Another method when I am not listening or am not being heard in Fortnite is to evaluate if the audio configuration is correct. Check if he's paused to talk or if the commands are entered incorrectly. Ideally, entry teams have the following tiers so that their operation is the best to play:

    • The first step is to click "Start", then in the search box write " Control Panel "and press "Enter" again in the box at the bottom right.
    • Then, access the commands "Sound", in particular in the playback tab. It is recommended that the participant click on their external equipment and select the option “Speakers or Headphones”.
    • Once you have entered the programming, you will proceed to select that the systems go back to being the default ones. To do this, right-click and choose "Set as default devices" and wait for it to run.
    • Finally, press the button "Apply" and, in the lower area of ​​the pane, select the command again "OK".
    • The user will immediately proceed to re-enter the platform, if it does not work, the ideal is to contact the technical support of the video game.

    As a recommendation, it is very important to know that if you do not have a Windows 10 computer, these steps could be altered or changed exponentially. However, on the Epic Game platform there are several tutorials for other computers like Mac or Linux.

    Can the voice chat on Fornite be inactive?

    It often happens that players find themselves in an ecosystem where they cannot speak or there is much noise which can disturb other participants. For this reason, the entertainment application has devised a new format to disable a voice chat in Fortnite.

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    To perform the procedure, the user must open the settings menu , a button housed in the upper corner of the screen. Next, select three bars and then locate a gear icon.

    Immediately, choose a tab "Audio" which can also be found within the same voice chat in Fortnite. From there, you can adjust various audio options, including the conversations themselves.

    The activation or deactivation procedure is given by the dates on the sides of the mailbox. If they are not found, it is best to walk through the main menu.

    Fortnite also allows you to play with people from all over the world, play with friends you know with the option to search and add to play with them.

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