Why haven't I received or received the Uber verification code on my mobile?

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Because I have not received the verification code from Uber is a common question among users who are entering Uber for the first time to sign up, as this problem occurs later when people go to sign up and confirm their mobile number.

This application needs a verification to be done because they need to know if the person making the transport request is the same profile as the application, this is very simple because you just have to wait for the confirmation message to arrive and enter the 4-digit code in the application.

However, there are many complaints as a large number of users have complained that they do not receive the verification code on their phones and need to know how to fix it, if you are one of these users, we will tell you why this happens and the alternatives from the solution.

    Why do I need to enter my phone number when creating an account with Uber?

    In recent years it is customary for the phone number to be an identifier when using multiple services. This is the case with Uber, which requires a phone number to register. It is simply a way to identify and communicate directly with you if necessary.

    Attention, in most cases the number is completely necessary, but in some countries it is possible register only by providing an email .

    Why didn't I get my verification code from Uber?

    First of all you should look if you have a signal on your mobile, this could be one of the reasons why not get the message , if so, you just have to wait for it to arrive, the same way you can resend the text message. that the app allows you to resend the confirmation code.

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    In this sense, you must make sure that you have entered the same phone number you want the message to reach you, however, in case you have committed a error writing your number during registration At the beginning of the process, Uber allows you to change it and change the phone number to request a new confirmation code.

    Registering the country where you live is another mistake you usually make, when ordering the message you need to check that the country where you reside at that moment is selected, to solve this problem, select the icon of countries, look up the name of the country you live in and validate the country code that it can be +52 for Mexico or +57 for Colombia , among others.

    What are the main reasons why I may not have received the verification SMS?

    In most cases, Uber's failure to receive the verification SMS is due to your mistakes. Let's take a look at the reasons why you did not receive the code verify to use your Uber account, summarizing the above a little.

    Don't have a signal to receive messages

    Keep in mind that Uber send notifications and verifications via the function SMS . In other words, you need to be connected and with coverage on your cellular network. If you have no signal, you may miss the verification message that is requested when registering in the App.

    Make a mistake when writing your number

    It may seem unlikely, but it is very common that the number is entered incorrectly and therefore you do not receive the verification message. It is common for some digits of the identification number to be incorrect in the beginning or that it is simply an error. Before registering, check carefully the data provided .

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    Uber verification solution

    In case you have recorded all the data correctly and the error persists, the best solution is to contact the Uber Help page directly, where from a link you can explain what happened to the Uber staff, who will ask you for your phone number and an email address, this staff will carry out the manual registration and shortly after you will receive an email informing you that the Uber account has already been activated.

    In case the problem focuses on the application or your mobile does not allow you to open Uber, the best thing you can do is uninstall the mobile application, go to the Google Play Store and download it again, once reinstalled you can start the process again.

    If you have done this last procedure, your account registration will not have been saved, so you should try to create the Uber account again and request the message one more time , however if you do not see positive results with this procedure, the application will give you other ways to register.

    What should I do if I don't receive the verification code?

    In case you don't receive the verification code when you register your Uber account, there are several things you can do. Try the following if you have this problem with your username on the platform.

    Request a resubmission of your code

    If you don't receive the verification number, you always can request the confirmation code again . You can also open the App again and repeat the registration procedure, check the data very carefully before continuing.

    Enter other contact information

    If you don't get the code at all, you can try signing up with other information. Do this only as a last resort and always with another number of active and own cellphone .

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    Use Google Authenticator or Authy

    Google Authenticator is used to enable two-step verification, which extends the security of your account. In any case, this function has nothing to do with the verification code, but it is an option intended only to protect your Uber account .

    Go to the Uber help section

    If you don't receive the verification code after multiple attempts, you always can contact the Uber customer service center . From this support space, it is possible that they will solve the problem for you.

    How can I skip the Uber verification?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to continue with the registration or use Uber without verification. Therefore, the only way is to keep trying until you can verify your account using the typical Uber verification code.

    Other ways to check on Uber

    Uber has a verification option via payment method, where you have the option to use methods such as credit or debit cards, these are registered by the application where the user adds their personal information and this counts as verification on the page.

    Likewise, Uber allows checks through social networks , this option is used specifically when the payment is made in cash, in this method it is not necessary to enter data and the user verifies his identity through Facebook and therefore complies with the requirement.

    When you sign up via Facebook, the security of your profile is strengthened as Uber makes sure that the order is not placed via fake phones or profiles, finally, verification is important as it saves your profile so that you can continue to contact Uber immediately.

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