Why is a credit or debit card transaction declined? (Example)

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Cards are media that have been issued by different financial entities. But sometimes problems can occur; for example, when Netflix doesn't accept your credit card. So we need to find out why a credit or debit card transaction is being declined.

However, there is a divergence between the two; In the case of the credit card, the purchase is made on the spot, but it is paid subsequently to the institution, as foreseen by its objectives; that is, it acts like a loan which has been authorized.

Why is a credit or debit card transaction declined?

Instead, the debit card charges it at checkout , so you must have enough balance in your account to cover the cost; both are authorized through the bank's approval system; if he is refused, it is because he has the reasons.

Currently, its usage is starting to decline because there are other ways to pay. Like for example PayPal; if you wonder what is PayPal? It is a very convenient means of payment because you can pay with PayPal without a credit card or bank account.

It must also be remembered that the errors that can be committed for said refusal can come from the customer, that is, from the his card, by the collector or from Bank ; physically in stores, online or at an ATM.

What are the reasons for the refusal of credit and debit cards involved by the customer?

There can be several reasons or causes that arise from the customer for a certain inattention of his card; eg, that the debit card has a balance insufficient and even at the ATM level, that you have exceeded the daily allowable money limit and do not remember it.

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In these cases, the solution is make a transfer from another account yours or a friend or family member. However, these transactions are not immediate and you will have to postpone the purchase; That's why it's useful to know how long an online loan transfer to your bank account takes.

In the case of a credit card, perhaps the maximum limit allowed by the bank is exceeded, and the amount cannot be covered, furthermore that the key or the expiration date of the same has expired, likewise the chip and the magnetic stripe they are very deteriorated; In any case, they are all subject to a PIN or password to allow authorization .

What are the reasons for the collector's refusal of the credit and debit cards involved?

One of the most frequent mistakes is that you entered some data incorrectly ; so much the number of the card, of his identification, or of the PIN, because he paid no attention to the figures, neither visual nor auditory. Any incorrect customer data due to the collector's inattention will result in the refusal of the cards.

What are the reasons for the bank's refusal of the credit and debit cards involved?

First of all it is very important to keep the data updated with the bank, since their refusals are based more on checks to guarantee the user the safety of his account; between them they have detected a fraudulent collection , or that the currency in which the purchase will be made is not permitted.

Even when transactions are duplicated with the exact same reason and amount, even if it was reported a lost or stolen card , this is usually captured when there is not enough balance on debit cards, or unusual movements that put the account at risk.

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Then the bank rejects the card and sends it to be blocked, it can also happen that there is an error when processing the card , as mentioned before, whether it comes from the customer or the collector; there are cases when a statement is issued stating that the issuer is not available, that is, there is no communication with the bank at that time.

To finish, therefore, we must take into account all possible reasons which can be committed both by the customer on his card, and by the person making the payment, since we have seen that any detail, the bank can refuse a transaction or a purchase, of any service or item.

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