Why is my Android or Samsung not updating the software? How do I update it?

Of course, devices require constant updating, in fact, updates are usually displayed in the notification area. Even so, if you you ask why my android or samsung won't update the software? How do I update it? Here we show you how to go through this process and the solution for some of the problems while updating.

Therefore, if you are having trouble updating your Samsung device to the latest Android version or other similar problem, please read the following information carefully.

Internet connection is unstable:

What to keep in mind before downloading a Samsung update?

Make a backup of all your information,

How to get the latest version of Samsung software

Does anything happen if I don't update the Samsung firmware to the latest version?

How to update Samsung software from PC

Clearly this process will specifically depend on the cell phone model you have. However, the most common is for brands to have their own system designed to perform updates and other adjustments.

Your device may not update due to some internal problem. If so, in most cases you can count on the software mobile .

In addition to all of the above, it is essential to update WhatsApp to its latest version and the same with the rest of the applications you use constantly. Undoubtedly updating of software or applications is highly recommended for any mobile.

Alternative methods for downloading and updating Samsung software

Through wireless networks

Have access to Samsung's betas

Verify that you perform the update process correctly

You may not be carrying out the update process correctly. Either way, before we start, the first thing is connect to the Wi-Fi network and check the charge or connect the mobile phone to the power supply. In turn, keep in mind that the process may vary depending on the device you own, but the following will guide you if you are not very clear on how to perform the procedure.

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  • The first thing is to open the Settings of the mobile device.
  • Once you are there, it is best to go straight to the search engine. You write " Update ".
  • The option " Software update "should appear, however, note that it may also appear under another name.
  • Just click on this menu and select the option " Download and install "or any other option with a similar name.
  • This should start the update process. As we pointed out, it can vary by device, but in most cases the process is done this way.

Also note that during the process the device it will restart more times . You have to be a little patient and wait for the procedure to finish. On the other hand, the above process is very similar to updating the Android software of a Lanix mobile phone and is also done with many other devices.

Updates aren't that constant on Android

It should be noted that the updates on Android devices are not that constant. At least that's the case in most cases, so you might not get updates, simply because there are no updates . On the other hand, if this is not your case, you can check with the information we will show you below. In any case, don't confuse the device update with the Android kernel update.

Your mobile no longer supports software updates

Mobile devices have a certain useful life, we are not just referring to the useful life of the device on a physical level. This time we talk about the issue of updates and support.

In fact, the devices also have some time for their support. in other words, there is a possibility that the your mobile no longer receives updates .

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Clearly this will not happen with new devices, but with older mobiles, i.e. those over 4 years old may no longer have support for updates.

Therefore, if your device is already a little old, it is possible that updates will not appear for this reason. However, manufacturers often announce when the device loses support . at the same time, you can also visit your mobile brand's official website or channels and investigate this information. All you have to do is search for your device model and the word support.

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