Why is my Android phone's software not updated to the latest version? - Solution

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Advances in technology bring hundreds of updates to systems, from pending application updates to more complex systems like software. This means that all users are looking for the most up-to-date.

It must be at the forefront due to the heap of continuous advances coming out on the net every day, even Microsoft must update its various Windows operating systems if it is to maintain its popularity. And what to do when the Android mobile phone software is not updated to the latest version?

This article will detail how to have a update on the latest version of the mobile . With the knowledge exposed, it is hoped that readers can solve their problem with their cell phone.

    Android operating system

    One of the most used operating systems right now is the Android OS . The same is found, not only in phones, but also in tablets, etc. and many times it needs to be updated. It is so complete that it has all that diversity. And because it's so advanced, it also has constant updates.

    This Android system comes in different versions which are specifically dependent on the type of mobile device available. It is very easy to find out what the version type of the phone is. This can be found out by going to settings , on your mobile device and going to the section that says Software Update . This section will indicate the version of the phone.

    Android updates

    If you already know which version of the device you have, you just need to see if that version has new updates, some phones need a more detailed step by step for this type of process, such as the case of the Lanix mobile phone and its update. In others, the system can be updated using an application found by PC Suite .

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    This mode is the most used so far if you can't update wirelessly. Another update method for those who know how to download easily is that of download the Firmware in its most original version of the telephone device. Thanks to this, you can update the phone software.

    For the latter form of software update on Android systems it will be necessary flash your phone . This is possible from a computer and with the original ROM inside the phone device.

    Why is my Android software not updating?

    Most likely, the software is out of date on your phone because it has no memory space . When this happens, the owner of the phone has to delete all the cache that is inside the phone.

    There are a number of steps to follow that can help you update the software. First you need to access the mobile phone settings, in the section mobile applications and notifications . The application category is selected and under it, click the option to update the software.

    While there, you need to click Memory and then clear data and cache . By clearing your phone's cache memory, it will have enough space to receive a new Android operating software update. The next step will be to try to update the device again.

    By following this series of steps, it is very likely that all can be updated without any problem . But in the end you can follow another way which also helps to update the mobile phone. All the user has to do is access the phone settings application. In it you need to search for the advanced system and press the system section.

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    This section will show the status of the Android update and a pop-up window will appear on the screen with a series of steps to be followed by the owner of the mobile phone. If the steps are followed in detail, you can get a phone software update and keep working some more until the updates keep coming.

    It is important to note that if the mobile device is too old there are likely to be no more software updates , so it's better to throw it away and buy a new phone than to have multiple software updates. This occurs due to the great daily technological advancement around the world.

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