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Humans have created a myriad of ways we can communicate. This has meant a great deal of progress for our species, since the way of communication we have created over the years has started to be more and more immediate, until we reach the modern point, where we have infinite instant messaging services, which are been created based on all our scientific advances in ancient times . One way humans communicate is through smartphones.

    What is a smartphone?

    These are devices they have started out as high-end phones, but thanks to their operating system and capabilities, they have begun to replace the low-end phones on the market. Smartphones are refined devices, which have specialized parts to perform processes such as taking pictures, connecting to telephone communication networks, downloading apps, among many other functions.

    Another reason why the Smartphone may appear on the market is its operating system. This is generally Android, although there are other systems such as iOS, used exclusively by Apple-branded phones, and there is also the defunct Windows Phone, which was used mainly in the smartphones of the Nokia company.

    Thanks to Android, the Smartphone market could be unified, since any company outside the two mentioned could have an operating system that greatly facilitates the communication of technological devices. Android was developed by the Google company and its subsidiary ADMC, or Closed Mobile Device Alliance, OHA for its acronym in English. If you want to know more about Android, you can see all versions of Android and its features.

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    However, smartphones are not perfect devices, so they are prone to various problems spanning both virtual and physical causes. An example of the problems they can give you it has a lot to do with battery longevity.

    What problems can my smartphone battery give me?

    These are very varied, but the vast majority involve the need to purchase a new mobile device or change the battery itself. These problems are very serious, as the battery is the only part of the phone that it can explode or catch fire.

    The clearest and most common problem we see with smartphones is battery inflation. This happens when the cells that make it up are working to overcharge, so the phone is using the battery much more aggressively. This can be caused by various apps and causes the wear is visible very quickly in the charging state of the phone. If you want to take care of it, you need to learn how to save battery on Android.

    However, if your battery swells, the problems will be much more evident, knowing how to deflate the battery of a Smartphone is relevant.

    Why is my cell phone or cell phone battery not charging 100%?

    Thanks to the way in which the batteries were created, which are based on a system of lithium cells that contain a type of energy called Milliamp, which is measured with a time scale that is always one hour. The more milliamps your phone's battery has, the longer will last.

    However, many users encounter the problem that the their phone does not charge 100% . This can be caused by two main reasons which we will discuss below for the reader's relief.

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    First, the phone charger can often cause problems. In case you don't have the original charger that your phone comes with, you can start wreaking havoc on the inside of the battery, as each of them is prepared to receive a certain amount of power in a certain amount of time. Eg, if your charger is very powerful, it can damage the battery and, if it's not powerful enough, it won't fully charge it.

    Another reason your phone's battery would give you problems is poor cleaning of the charging port. In case you can verify this, you will need to make sure that there are no dust particles or water that affect mobile phone charging.

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