Why is my iPhone rear camera shaking and how to fix it?

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Apple is a company that strives to offer only the best of the best to its customers. And one of the best proofs of this is the quality of the cameras Apple devices . Even so, there may be some problems, for example with image stability. If this is the case for you, there is no problem, because right here we will show you why iPhone rear camera is shaking and how to fix it.

Why is my iPhone rear camera shaking and how to fix it?

Thanks to the help and advice that we will provide you below, you will be able to enjoy many more options that your mobile phone's camera offers. Besides, you can learn a lot about the operation of taking photos or recording videos with your iPhone in a practical way.

    Although the iPhone camera has a very good quality in general, there are some details that could disturb our experience while using it. For example, the fact that its rear camera does not have stability or is constantly moving. That is why, if this is happening to us, it is normal for us to ask ourselves the reason for the situation.

    Well, this happens due to camera stabilizer issues. And it is normal that we cannot record or take photos without encountering the great lack of resolution of the iPhone camera . In addition, this causes problems especially when we want to take photos in places with a lot of direct light, as it prevents the camera from focusing on what we really want to capture.

    Also, it should be noted that this mostly occurs on iPhone 6 Plus which are already known to be one of the worst iPhone versions, so it is not surprising to see that this problem stems from it.

    And while this isn't a problem found in every single iPhone 6 Plus, it is a difficulty that has become very common and really annoying in the Apple community.

      How to fix "camera shake" on iPhone

      Well, here's how to do it. What you can do to fix this if the camera keeps crashing is to restore your iPhone with or without iTunes. This can be achieved by connecting the iPhone to a computer, laptop or PC, with a known cable.

      Of course, before doing so you need to make a backup and disable any programs that may be running.

      Having a quality camera, no matter what mobile we have, is of great importance today. Not only to take photos with iPhone, but also to enjoy the wonderful options offered by the camera. You can even view and create an album of quality shared photos taken on your iPhone.

      That is why we hope that this information can be very useful to you and that you will be able to solve the problem of camera shake quickly and easily.

      reset the camera

      Restart iPhone

      First, we advise you not to jump to conclusions, so that would be good restart your iPhone to begin.

      Camera shake issue is not necessarily a serious problem that is why you should start with the simplest solutions.

      To do this, you need to press the Home button and the power button at the same time. That is until you see the characteristic apple apple on your iPhone screen.

      Remove cases or accessories

      Switch between cameras

      Check the camera app

      Hard reset

      Apple support

      If you do all of these and the shaking issue is still unresolved, please head to the nearest Apple Store for technical assistance. Or that you visit the official Apple Support page for the help you need specifically to fix the problem occurring in your iPhone's camera.

      While this is a problem that can occur due to software glitches, it is good for you to get specialized help if it is due to hardware issues.

      What are the main problems of iPhone cameras

    1. It is not possible to switch between the front and rear cameras or vice versa.
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