Why is my mobile memory not showing the videos and photos in my gallery?

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If for some reason your phone does not show the videos and photos in your gallery, don't worry. You have not lost all your files. It is possible to fix this error and be able to recover all your images without any setback.

Image thumbnails are small cache records that your mobile saves so you don't have to load all the images every time you open the gallery, as this process would take too much time. However, sometimes these are not visible or appear as small gray boxes. Find out why this happens in the next tutorial.

      Reasons why your mobile does not show the videos and photos from your gallery

      There are several basic reasons why your mobile phone is not showing the videos and photos in your gallery. The first is because your mobile does not have enough storage space. The second because, accidentally, you have deleted the preview file from the gallery (the third but less common is because the mobile phone does not recognize the micro SD memory well).

      Don't worry, if your phone doesn't show the images in the gallery it doesn't mean that you have lost all your files. In fact, it can be fixed quickly and easily with the following methods:

      Free the RAM

      If at any moment your mobile has stopped showing the photos in the gallery, the first thing to do to try to solve this error is to increase and free up the RAM memory (its space). This is because the error is due to insufficient storage capacity.

      To do this, you must start by deleting those applications that you do not use on a daily basis and which take up unnecessary space in the phone's memory (you can also stop the Apps that consume a lot of RAM memory so as not to delete them).

      The next thing will be to delete the temporary caches of the mobile. For this you have to go to the configuration. Go to section " Memory " and select the option "Clear Cache" . Once this is done, proceed to restart the phone and check if the images are already visible in the gallery.

      Clear media data

      If you have done the above method and your mobile still doesn't show the videos and photos from your gallery, you can try cleaning its media database.

      For this you have to go to " settings "and locate the section" Applications ", click on it and then select the option "Manage Applications" . Once there, you need to configure the filter so that all system applications are visible.

      In the list of applications that you will see on your mobile screen, scroll until you get the one that says "Media Storage". Click on it and press the button "Clear data". At the end of this procedure, restart your device and access the gallery to see if the images are already visible. If not, you can always do the following method.

      Data recovery when mobile does not show the videos and photos from my gallery

      If the previous methods didn't work and your phone still doesn't show the videos and photos in the gallery, the last measure to apply is to recover your images through the application "Data recovery Android ". For this you need to download it to your computer, it is compatible for Windows and iOS.

      After downloading it, run it and connect your phone to PC via USB cable. Select the option " start " within the application on your computer.

      The app will give you the option to choose the format of the file you want to recover. In this case you need to check the gallery box and select the “ NEXT ".

      The app will automatically track the thumbnails that your mobile doesn't show. Select the ones you want to save and press the " Recover ".

      Ready, your mobile will show the recovered images in the gallery. Also, this application helps you to recover any file from your Android in any of the supported formats.

      Finally, you can also try downloading the app, as it will allow you to save some files.

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