Why is my mobile overheating and the battery draining quickly?

Nowadays, cell phones have become a great tool to help us carry out daily activities, as well as communicate, have fun and a host of other functions. As this is a device that we use for many hours, it is possible for it to get hot, even overheating to high levels, which can be very risky for our phone. For them it is worth asking why my mobile is overheating and the battery drains quickly?

This problem is usually very common in different devices, which is worrying, because it also causes our battery to drain quickly, so it makes us think our phone broke. For these reasons, you need to know the reason for this problem and how to fix it.

    What are the causes of cell phone heating?

    When a mobile phone gets very hot and discharges easily and quickly, various anomalies can occur. Likewise, you might use the phone too often and for a long time, which wears you out all the time. You may notice these irregularities when the phone is too hot or when it is suddenly turned off.

    Remember that even if they are machines, these devices also need rest from time to time so you should turn it off and stop using it for a few hours

    Many users have had problems while using the phone, which overheats and even drains the battery without using it. This represents a big problem, as it limits the time of use of our mobile, in itself it is normal for a phone to overheat, but it can reach exaggerated levels. You can download applications as 'AIDA64' which give you all the necessary information about the current temperature of your mobile phone.

    Playback of multimedia contents

    The warm-up can happen for several reasons, which are watching or playing a lot of content; If we use special applications to watch videos and you do it for several hours while it stays on, it will heat up and download faster. It also happens with games, since they use the central cores and graphic procedures cell phone.

    Any mobile phone gets hot and discharges quickly when using multimedia content. This means the music player, the video player and the gallery they consume a lot of battery and they work extra on the phone.

    So if you spend many hours in a row watching videos or listening to music, your phone will overheat. This also happens with applications like YouTube, tik tok and Instagram.

    Video game

    Video games are normally heavy applications for the mobile phone. So, during the games, the application consumes a lot of RAM and resolution, making the phone strive to function properly.
    When the mobile is very forced by these games, here comes the problems. Since it starts to drain very quickly in addition to the temperature rising rapidly.

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    App obsolete

    Some apps that need to be updated also heat up the phone. This is because these apps they consume more energy account to provide corresponding update alerts.

    Environmental factor

    Factors also play a role when a phone fails and when the cell phone gets very hot. Phones that are left outdoors and receive too much sun suffer damage to both the battery and the screen.
    As these parts are not designed to withstand high temperatures. This also happens when they are subjected to extreme cold, where the screen can be the most damaged.

    Mobile configuration

    Phone settings can also cause the phone to overheat and shut down. Since the brightness of the phone when it is at maximum, it consumes the battery constantly. Likewise, if you leave turned on Wi-Fi or mobile data while you are not using it, the battery will also wear out. Hence, the phone overheats as it strains.

    It can also happen due to the settings you have on the screen, like having the screen with animation or with too many Widgets. When placing your mobile phone in the sun or in a warm place by exposing it to high temperatures.

    Possible causes of rapid battery discharge

    On the other hand, there are stronger factors that generate the fast battery discharge. This may be due to problems with battery like swollen battery , charger or pin problems and a few other things. When dealing with faults of this type, great care should be taken to verify what the problem is in order to fix it quickly.

    It is more common for the battery to drain quickly from applications that consume more power than normal, in order to check which ones they are, you need to go into the settings , look for the battery option to access "Battery use" and go to the applications section to access the "Applications that use more battery" section. It can also happen because you are not charging the phone properly.

    Battery failure

    One of these problems that cause the battery to run out quickly and make the mobile very hot is the battery. L such as batteries or batteries are accessories that wear out faster on the cell. This can happen because you are constantly charging your phone or using your mobile phone when it is charging. All of this causes the battery to swell or swell, so you'll have to change it and buy another one.

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    Loading problems

    Sometimes there are problems charging the phone which makes it download easily. These problems may be due to the charger or the charging pin . Your phone charger may be damaged or broken in any part of the cable, causing the power to work properly. Other times, the charger you use is not the original one for your phone and you are using a lower voltage one which causes the battery to draw more charge and get damaged.

    Virus o malware

    Viruses can reach your phone when you download applications from unofficial sites. These viruses spread and infect the system of the phone , causing the mobile phone to override some of its functions. Thus, it progressively damages the battery, which in turn increases the temperature of the mobile phone.

    App in background

    Your phone may also be full of apps you don't even use often. All these applications make the memory fuller, therefore makes the cell phone system work more than necessary . As a result, the cell phone battery wears out quickly and gets damaged gradually.

    Parts of the phone that tend to overheat

    There are some parts of the phone that tend to heat up more than others. This does not necessarily mean that they are damaged or in poor condition . On the contrary, they indicate that it is the parts or functions that work the most.


    As we have already said, the battery is one of the parts that works the most in the mobile phone. Therefore tends to heat up quickly , in most cases it is hot but moderately due to operation. However, in some cases it appears to be boiling or about to explode, i.e. when it gets damaged or works a lot.


    The screen of mobile phones also suffers from overheating from time to time. This occurs when the cell phone cannot rest, so the cell phone gets very hot as well this heat is reflected on the screen.


    The processor is what reads the applications and keeps the phone running. Therefore, when you are straining excessively on the phone, this is the first part where the warming will occur.

    How can I cool the phone down when it gets hot?

    The most important thing you can do to cool your phone is to let it rest and, if possible, turn it off. If your mobile gets very hot, it is because it is asking for a break as you have used it a lot.
    Processors and readings that phones have to stop from time to time. So a few hours of rest are great for the mobile.

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    When our mobile phone overheats, it most likely comes from the battery and the screen, generating high temperatures due to the chemicals that are contained in the battery creating electricity, on the other hand the processor transmits information at high speeds and for its part the screen emits light.

    First you can put your mobile in airplane mode, this manages to deactivate the options that drain the battery. It is recommended to remove the cover from the phone, as it can trap heat, so it is best to avoid using it. Don't put your phone anywhere where it can receive low temperatures with the freezer, it is best to exit all applications and leave the phone in a dry place for a couple of minutes.

    Stop using unnecessary functions such as having high screen brightness, it is better to reduce the brightness. On the other hand, you can try restarting the phone or leaving it off for a while. Do not expose the phone to the sun or place it in very hot places.

    How can I keep my battery from running out so fast?

    To prevent your phone from discharging too fast, can also lower the screen brightness . This won't cause any problems, just the screen will be a little darker. Likewise, you should let your phone charge calmly, without using it in the process so that the battery doesn't get damaged.

    When can you identify what the applications that consume too much energy , immediately delete them from your device, also close the games and videos you are watching.

    The most advisable thing is to use an antivirus, it is necessary because it warns you when there are strange applications that cause damage to your phone. On the other hand you can delete junk or files you don't use or what your mobile phone needs.

    Try updating all applications, as they may have an error and updating it the same way you will be able to optimize it. Check your mobile phone charger, it could be that it is not in good condition, making your phone not charge properly, in that case, it is better to discard it.

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