Why is my mobile phone or Android mobile phone slow, freezing or freezing? How can I speed it up?

Today smart mobile devices are an essential item for anyone, thanks to constant technological advances we can now use our mobile for almost anything.

However, sometimes our Android devices can get us out of our boxes, getting stuck and slowing down is one of the reasons. That's why today you will learn how speed up our android mobile when it freezes or is slow.

Probably one of the reasons your device freezes is because your RAM is full. This it works like a brain when you are stressed that it doesn't work at its best, just like our furniture does.

In case your phone suffers from slowness and constantly freezes, it could be due to various factors, of which you will have to find the exact reason in order to be able to work on the solution, in this article we will show you the possible reasons and how to fix it. So that your mobile can become smoother and stop jamming.

The first and the simplest option is to optimize our phone. For this we go to the settings menu> Smart manager. We are in the storage option, a few minutes later we will display it current state of our memory.

There you will see the release option , click and select the data you want to delete. Or duplicates or advertising files. As well as in this option it allows us to move the content from our phone to the removable card.

Finally, once the files of our preference have been selected, we click release , let's wait a few minutes. And in this way all unnecessary data on our Android will be sent to the trash.

    Reasons my phone is slow or freezes

    Generally, the reason why our mobile device starts to slow down or freezes it is due to some problem or failure found within a malicious application or even the device system itself.

    Download an application of dubious reputation via an APK it could slow down your device or even start to freeze, as that application had a virus built into its software which, once installed on your device, it would begin to damage him little by little.

    Another reason why your mobile device starts freezing and running slow is due to an excess of applications and files , which means that there is no storage space, or it could also be due to an excess of applications running in the background. You can solve this problem by closing all applications open in the background from the task manager.

    Is it advisable to use developer options to speed up mobile?

    It is helpful to use the developer options on your mobile device to speed up its performance as long as you know how to do this, generally people speed up the device's GPU through developer settings. However, this option can be a double-edged sword , as although it renders all the elements in 2D it can also cause the occasional device failure if you don't have the necessary RAM.

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    Developer options have been implemented in Android operating systems so that anyone with knowledge of devices and systems will be able to use them to improve its performance and thus have a better experience.

    If you don't have the necessary knowledge, yes recommends not using these options as a system error may also occur when changing a certain option.

    How can I improve the performance of my phone when it is slow?

    There are several methods to improve the performance of mobile devices, so that they can also work with greater speed and fluidity. Here we will give you some tips in order to have a more efficient performance device:

    Disable or remove outdated apps

    Sometimes our Android mobile device has an external ROM set by a phone company which normally means the device installed by default some apps from the same company that eventually become useless apps that simply take up space.

    The most recommended in these cases is to uninstall these applications or disable them, to have more space on your device, and in the same way with files you no longer need or videos that consume a lot of space.

    Delete unused widgets

    In our Android mobile device there are also various Widgets for which users normally do not find any use, and which it is also advisable to delete to reduce the consumption of the internal memory of the mobile.

    Restrict automatic starting of applications

    Leaving auto-launching of applications enabled on your device is the most common problem people face, and this causes the device's performance to degenerate and be less efficient. So you should enable this option only with applications that really need it , as this option makes these applications constantly in use.

    Clear caches and remaining files

    Cache and junk files, as well as images and videos in excess, saturate the RAM and the processor, which in turn slows down the operation of the device and even freezes. This is why it is essential to clean the cache weekly. It is also important to disable application update on your mobile device to avoid consuming more storage memory.

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    Reduce system and application animations (developer mode)

    Another reason why current Android devices slow down and even start freezing is due to the various animations that the operating system implements after each update. To avoid this affecting performance, you can reduce the animations of the applications and the system itself through developer options.

    Use microSD memories to store apps

    Another alternative to improve your device's storage and performance at the same time is to use an SD card to store heavier files or even to store some heavy applications you install on it.

    To be able to do it, go to the applications section within the device settings, choose the app you want, then click on the storage option, choose SD card storage and wait for the process to complete.

    Are there any apps to improve the performance of my phone?

    To improve the performance of your device there are several applications that you can find and download for free in the official Google Play Store, then we will show you some of these applications

    • Batery Master also makes this desire possible, with it we can speed up our phone by freeing up RAM. It is available in the Google Play Store on Android devices.

    On the right side of the screen the percentage of memory occupied in the mobile phone is highlighted, click. And a menu will break down that will indicate all applications consuming RAM. The solution is to mark them and select the enhancement option.

    We wait a couple of seconds and immediately our memory will appear clean, as a result our phone will start to run much faster.

    This app is available in more than 43 languages , is easy to access. At the same time, it allows you to quickly optimize the battery, at the same time.

    How can I speed up the processor of my Android phone without root?

    There is a method to speed up the processor of an Android device without root, and for this you can use a process called overlock which consists of installing software that can increase the processor speed of your device, increasing the CPU cycles of the mobile. That is, it increases the GHz which in turn saves more battery.

    In order to do this, you need to download an overlock software that you will have to then install on the device via the recovery menu , and then reset the device. It should be noted that you need to make a backup copy to save the files on the device.

    How to improve the performance of my mobile for playing video games

    It starts by closing all applications running in the background and in turn disabling applications that open automatically. Some devices also have a tool to optimize games, in the case of Xiaomi devices they have an app called "Game Turbo" .

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    This application is able to optimize the game to improve the performance of the device while playing, if your phone does not have this option you can download a similar application in the Google Play Store official called Game Booster.

    Tricks to prevent your mobile from freezing

    Run constant cleaning of residual files and cache on your device and also delete photos and videos that you no longer need to see or that are normally downloaded from WhatsApp groups. And in turn, it is recommended to disable the automatic application update feature

    This can be done from the Google Play Store itself, go to settings> Do not update applications automatically. It's ready! This will save you a headache.

    Delete also old videos and avoid unnecessary excess images. In this way you will have a fast and durable equipment, which will simplify your life and will be your best ally in carrying out any task.

    And if you haven't noticed, one of the places we store unnecessary data the most is in messaging applications, like WhatsApp.

    To avoid this, go to the settings of this App. Select the option> Ask before downloading. And this will allow you to be in control of what is stored in your memory and what is not.

    Recommendations to avoid serious damage to our device

    Another reason why our device is slow can be the excess of applications, getting rid of unnecessary and pre-installed applications. This allows your device to function more comfortably.

    Minimize notifications , we generally enable all notifications from our apps. Do a study of the most essential for you and you will see that your mobile will run much smoother.

    Try to use static and dark backgrounds , avoid using Widgets as they may degrade the performance of your device.

    If you don't check for these issues, your device is likely to suffer much greater damage a due to information and application overload . The first sign is that the cell phone gets stuck in simple operations.

    In reality, what happens is that the processor overheats and can cause the processor to burn out. To avoid this it is advisable keep the equipment fully up to date and although old legends do not recommend it. This is one of the fundamental pillars in the functioning of our team

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