Why is my Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e mobile phone not turning on and charging? What to do?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E device is considered to be one of the best options on the market for buying tablets. Contains good features for high-end devices. But all is not well, these devices have a defect and it won't turn on.

If you are having this problem, here we will give you more solutions for both the tablet and other Samsung mobiles and devices, which will be shown below. Before continuing it is necessary to say that first of all format your Samsung mobile, in case it is due to any other kind of problem, if we don't continue.

    What are the reasons my Samsung Galaxy stopped working?

    There are several reasons why a Samsung Galaxy mobile won't turn on or charge or just stop working, but before we alarm you, let's break down the most common causes of these problems .

    Damaged software or operating system

    While damage to the Android OS was more common before, it still happens. In other words, the data corruption of the work operating mobile phone may be causing the Samsung Galaxy to stop working.

    Insufficient charge level

    Before you get alarmed, analyzes whether the mobile phone had a charge or not , it may have stopped working because it was downloaded. It may seem like a no-brainer, but if your charger stops working, you could mistake a simple battery drain for damage.

    Overheating, bumps and scratches

    The use you make of your mobile phone and the care you dedicate will be decisive for your health. The mobile phone can work with scratches or bumps, but sometimes this leads to a gradual deterioration. An alarm signal is overheating and sudden death is also common.

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    Solutions for Galaxy Tab S5E power on problem

    If you are having this problem, we will provide you with 7 solutions in so that you can get your device working again.

      How to protect and backup information on my Samsung Galaxy

      If you think your Samsung Galaxy mobile is going to be damaged, that's better back up your information . For this you can use cloud services such as Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive, Mega or the Samsung Cloud itself, each of them will be functional to backup and protect the information on your mobile in case it does not work.

      Recommended applications to save my personal information

      Before making any changes to mobile phones, it is helpful to know the backup or restore tools. The following are the best applications to recover files from mobile phones .

      Dr. Phone for Android devices

      Dr. Fone is a excellent multipurpose tool . Using the App, there is the possibility to retrieve information from your mobile, create backups, repair the system, unlock the screen and even erase all the information on the device.

      EaseUs mobisaver

      EaseUs Mobisaver is another great option for retrieve information from your mobile . With the software you will be able to recover corrupted, deleted files in a very simple and efficient way.

      Jihosoft Android Recovery

      It is not as well known as the previous methods, but this application is very functional for recover photos from your mobile or app like WhatsApp . Furthermore, it works well for recovering data of all kinds.

      More tips to protect your Samsung Galaxy and prevent it from getting damaged

      The first thing is to be careful, mobiles require a good deal if you want them to last longer. In any case, we analyze the essentials to protect your Samsung Galaxy mobile and prevent its deterioration.

      • Make sure you buy a case protective DON'T as soon as you buy it, this way you will avoid damage such as scratches, plus you will have extra insurance in case of falls.
      • Don't forget the screen protector, this too will be an ally to avoid bumps and scratches on the device screen.
      • Avoid excess heat at all costs, as it can be very harmful to the mobile phone, especially the battery.
      • Always avoid water , because even if the mobile phone has IP certification, it is after all an electronic device and the water will not do you any good.
      • Keep mobile up to date, many updates bring improvements and bug fixes that fix system failures.
      • Do not remove steadily the battery, SIM or SD card , this could wear out the contacts.
      • Never use generic elements such as batteries, non-certified components could worsen the functioning / useful life of the mobile phone.
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      Final recommendations

      It is very important that you take care of your TAB S5E or any Samsung mobile, these devices are generally very good, but at the same time very delicate, so we must be as careful as possible. Since it can also act as a second monitor. We hope this article was helpful to you and some of these solutions will help you solve this problem.

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