Why is my WhatsApp status blurry or low resolution?

It is no secret to anyone that advances in digital transformation always benefit ourselves, as it allows us to keep everything up to date and with improvements. One of the advances that are considered the best is the creation of applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram, for instant messaging .

These instant messaging applications facilitate communication between people , no matter where they are, as the immediacy of these messages is comparable to nothing. And we know and argue that this is the case because no one wants to be isolated, rather we are always looking for speed when using networks.

When we talk about WhatsApp Messenger, we are referring to one of these instant messaging applications, as we can quickly send messages, photos and audio to our contacts. Of course, these aren't the only options WhatsApp offers us on its platform, there are even more details.

WhatsApp Messenger has many more functions and features to offer its over 2.000 millions of users that we want to highlight. In developing this article, we will explain many of the functions of this, such as sharing states and how you can solve some problems with them.

Main features of WhatsApp Messenger

As a first function of WhatsApp we can mention the option for make calls or video calls with our contacts, to stay in touch with our friends. This application is used to make international calls and video calls by paying only for your data plan or your Wi-Fi connection.

Also, WhatsApp Messenger allows the people you want to know your location , simply by sending them a private message that they can get to know you. This option is located in the clip icon that appears in chats, press it and it will appear "Position" , touch and you will be able to send your position in real time or your current one.

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On the other hand, you can prioritize your chats or pin them on the screen , so that if they are important, they don't go down among other chats from the start. To do this, you just have to press and hold the chat you want to prioritize, then the options will appear at the top, press the icon that looks like a bug and voila, it will be fixed.

Security and privacy on WhatsApp are also very important; For this reason, although by default the application brings the options enabled, we can disable them. For example, we can disable ours last time or who sees our info and also the profile photo, entering settings, then account and privacy.

Another WhatsApp feature that doesn't take long to launch is the famous WhatsApp statuses, where you can share a photo for 24 hours only . You can share these photos with the contacts you want, because speaking of privacy, you will have the possibility to select who can see your status.

In addition to the people you select to see your contacts or all of your contacts, you will also be able to see the statuses your contacts upload every day. Also, there is an option for "Disable states" some contacts you don't want to see; just leave the status pressed and a window will appear with the option to select.

There are many people who climb many states every day, and they are the same that some are wondering because sometimes these states are blurry . We will now explain why this happens and what you can do to improve that resolution in your states.

Why are states low resolution and how to improve them?

Many know that when you send a photo via a WhatsApp chat loses a lot of resolution , making it look very blurry, the same happens with states. The problem that makes the photos more blurry is when we take the photo or record a video directly from the WhatsApp camera .

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Or, if the photo you are uploading in the state is a screenshot, it will look even more blurry. Therefore, as a recommendation for solving this problem, the best thing when uploading a photo is that taken with the phone's camera .

This way, the camera photos will have better focus and will be displayed in higher quality than the WhatsApp camera if you choose them from your gallery.

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