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I mobile devices they were one of the best creations that man has made for the benefit of all. As is logical over time, industries have improved their functions to meet global needs.

It is clear that everything needs a start and that is what Motorola has done. Give yourself the dedication to think beyond what seemed possible, beyond what any other company had done. Having a device that allows you to communicate and at the same time offers you endless applications is now more than normal.

And although they are getting more sophisticated and some a little complicated, the truth is that they keep theirs Initial Settings. Sending messages and making calls is the same and the way of seeing the time and its settings is likewise.

But despite the fact that they feature so much evolution and constant updates, nothing is perfect. There may be minor flaws, but they are solvable.

A common complaint among Android users is that their device got the timing wrong for some reason. But what causes it? What can be done? There is a solution? This article helps you to solve this little problem and keep using your mobile like nothing.

Why is this problem on your mobile?

Usually mobile devices have this default option, i.e. both the time and date are set automatically.

This configuration makes it much easier , as it simply uses the time that the telephone operator allocates based on your geographic area.

These are useful because they allow us to be on time and get to where we agree on time. Otherwise everything would be a disaster, as each of the plans you have would be delayed simultaneously.

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And if we really want to get there on time, this will be an obstacle, as a few minutes of difference can ruin everything.

Android users have noticed that the time they see is incorrect on several occasions. In what sense? This could be behind or far ahead of the real thing without warning. Missing that important appointment or having cellphone applications configured incorrectly for this reason is not at all enjoyable.

Applications like WhatsApp present their users with a utility requirement to have the correct time and date. And it is necessary for a good connection with servers.

But don't think that something just happens to you. The truth is that many others experience this and it could be due to problems with operators. In fact, in Spain more than one telephone operator has mistakenly assigned a totally different time to mobile phones.

Why is the time deconfigured?

This could be due to a problem with your time zone, how? Simply presenting an error in your time zone can wreak havoc on how you view now on your mobile.

Perhaps for some reason the time zone setting has been altered or changed causing incorrect information to be received. Or you may receive the correct time code, but due to a setting incorrect time zone, you don't see it that way. As small as this flaw may seem, it is true that it is inconvenient and even relevant in everyday performance.

How to solve the time deconfiguration?

This time we will show you how to fix this time deconfiguration error on your Android device in an easy way.

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What you should do is select the "Settings" section to access it. It can be found on your device screen or within the menu.

If so, find the option "Settings", Than we "Date and time" . Finally you will find the "Time Zone" option that you will proceed to disable and manually configure.

You will just have to find the real time and date , place it on your device and in this way you will have solved this little problem. Of course, if this doesn't work as expected, we recommend that you contact your carrier for help. There you can find more specific help for your current problem, but of course it's something that takes a long time.

And speaking of settings, the following article is very interesting, it teaches you how to configure an Android mobile so that they are easily used by older people.

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