Why my laptop is very slow if it's new and how to fix it without programs

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It is important to recognize that a laptop is essential for the development of daily working life. If you find yourself in the situation where your laptop is very slow and you are surprised because it is new in principle, you should know that it has become a common problem in some current laptops. But, equally, they can be fixed very quickly.

Why my laptop is very slow if it's new and how to fix it without programs

The use of this technological tool has become viral, which has been an effective means of information that can help to move or transport certain information with extreme ease, for the study of people, for work matters or simply as a hobby. That's why we want always keep it in top condition.

      What system requirements for a fast laptop?

      In a way, these little problems sometimes they occur in laptops. In general, your system should arrive fast and very large because it is brand new (if it has the features), but these small problems arise related to a possible virus, low storage capacity, full hard drive, etc.

      Your computer will break down over and over again making you reach the limit of your patience. This is something totally easy to fix and without altering anything on the laptop you won't even need any programs. RAM is what causes these little details since thanks to it it works according to the applications that the user wants to open . Therefore, it is recommended that at the time of purchase it has the following characteristics:

      • About 8 GB of RAM memory.
      • SSD capacity 300GB (in some cases they may send to improve with a solid disk, but you should know if it supports it).
      • They also have Windows 10 from the factory.
      • Quad Core Processor 2.10 – 3.70 GHz.
      • At least a 14-inch screen .

      Of course, you will have to take into account whether this laptop will be used for work and what it depends on, i.e. a graphic designer needs different characteristics than a secretary's computer. That is, the graph must have at least 1 Tera and also have a good graphics video card. In any case you can consult Asus laptops which are highly recommended.

      Among other things, there are laptops that can cost $300 on the market and although they look cheap, they will go down in history in less than a year. Since, with technology comes new advances, heavier programs and updates and your computer will have it again problems like slowness.

      Nor can it be ignored to consider buying accessories such as a mouse, which then must be installed so that the PC recognizes it, as well as a wireless keyboard for greater comfort in use.

      The solution for a laptop is very slow if it's new

      They've always been there different techniques to make it work quickly, very efficiently and without problems. For this, we recommend that you follow the instructions below to have a fast and easily accessible computer, in just a few steps:

      Step 1:

      Programs should be clean . So that these are not running, they should mostly be unneeded programs and remove programs that are not useful to you.

      Step 2:

      Defragment the disk. This happens freeing up a lot of hard drive space so as to obtain good acceleration and loading of Windows systems.

      Step 3:

      Enter memory with more access to the system so that it has more programs than can be stored in the laptop . And so you will not suffer from more sluggishness.

      Step 4

      The hard drive must be deleted and then the laptop reset to factory condition.

      Step 6

      It is not too much use an antivirus to avoid those harmful data that can slow down your PC in minutes.

      This situation is something minor that can occur in any laptop, new or used. The important thing is to follow the instructions that have been mentioned to make the computer run at an excellent speed, which does not generate any problems.

      In case the problems are related to the blocking of the mouse and screen lock , we also provide you with important materials that provide you with the necessary solutions .

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