Why not buy followers or fans for Instagram, Facebook or other social networks?

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Today we will talk about the why not buy followers or fans for Instagram, Facebook or another social network , something every novice content creator should know.

What is buying followers?

The practice of buying followers is to acquire a certain number of followers. In fact, in most cases these "services" are offered in batches, some people even offer up to 10.000 or more followers.

For newbies, it might get interesting, as it's an "easy" way to get a large following, an otherwise somewhat tedious process. Even so, all is not as good as it seems to buy followers it is not a recommended practice under no precept.

In short, the best thing if you want to grow a social network is to do it organically. This will ensure that all of your followers join your account for the purpose of viewing your content. Clearly, this is very affordable if you're planning on create a business using your social networks .

That said, we will comment on some of the most relevant reasons why it is not recommended to buy followers or fans for Instagram, Facebook or other social networks. In turn, remember that there are other ways to gain followers on Instagram and other social networks.

The reasons why you shouldn't buy followers or fans for Instagram, Facebook or another social network

As we pointed out earlier, buying followers is not recommended, but if you are still not convinced that this is the reality, then you should read the following reasons for you shouldn't buy followers for any social network.

Purchased followers don't interact

It is understandable that you want more followers for your social networks, as this often helps to gain credibility, but there is something you should consider in this regard. The followers you definitely buy they will not interact with your account .

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The number of followers is not everything, interactions are also very important, i.e. the likes, the number of times your post has been shared, etc. Whether you want to get real followers on Tik Tok or any other social network, this principle is fulfilled in most of them.

In fact, many pages take interactions more into account, as they show people like the account. In other words, it is thought that this way there is a greater chance of interaction with advertisements , which is more convenient to monetize your account.

Customers analyze it

Most of the time, ad searchers dig deeper the accounts they will work with. It's logical when it comes to money, so when there's a disparity in an account (common when buying followers) it's something that can be noticed.

In other words, it's easy to see when you increase your organic reach on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, or when you get it in other ways. Having a good number of followers can help, but not when you intend to use your account professionally sooner or later you will know that you have purchased followers .

Not only should you buy followers

As mentioned above, followers aren't the only thing that matters in terms of social networking, likes and other interactions need to be taken into consideration as well. This means that in addition to buying followers, you should be buying likes and other interactions.

Clearly, the above makes buying followers unintelligent, seen that a lot of money will be spent . Other than that, it is an action that aims to help at a certain time, but does not have the benefits that organic growth offers.

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The issue with social networks is currently complex, followers are not everything, as we have emphasized several times, interactions are also important. The interactions, in fact, are fundamental if you intend earn with a social network .

It could be said that active followers define the profitability of your account, which is why purchased followers are not really up to par. A clear example of everything that has been shown before is getting followers on Twitch, a process that must be done organically, otherwise it's just not worth it, the truth is that this principle is respected in all cases. In other words, DON'T buy followers or fans for your social networks .

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