WooCommerce vs PrestaShop Which is Better? Features and differences

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If you are new to the world of e-commerce, the process of setting up a virtual store can seem complicated. If this is your case, we recommend that you read this article with which you can learn more about the platforms WooCommerce vs PrestaShop - which is best? Features and differences

    An easy to use plugin for WordPress: 'WooComerce'

    WooComerce is a free ecommerce plugin developed in 2011 that can be downloaded from WordPress. WooComerce is considered to be a very easy tool to use and works as an extension for i content managers .

    WooComerce is very useful when building a small website. This plugin has its own themes (although there is little availability), good support and documentation. In addition, it allows the inclusion of features from different plugins such as issuing electronic invoices, among others.

    The dynamic 'PrestaShop' manager

    For its part, PrestaShop is a free content manager created in 2007 to manage the sale of online products . PrestaShop is believed to offer a significant amount of options for displaying products, payment options, personalized messages and shipping control.

    WooCommerce vs PrestaShop which is better? Features and differences

    If you are about to venture into the world of online stores and you need to develop a website, It is essential to know two technological alternatives such as WooComerce and PrestaShop to choose a tool that is perfectly suited to the needs of your project.

    WooComerce features

    WooComerce has features like managing payment options and shipping costs. It also allows you to view status and inventory reports, add SEO fields to rank in search engines, and create discount coupons.

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    Additionally, WooComerce allows you to create a bilingual online shop , export orders, translate content, customize product image and sell products physically or digitally.

    PrestaShop functionality

    PrestaShop like WooComerce was created in open source, it's free and offers e software - trade . This manager simplifies catalog management, search engine optimization, website administration process, and product display.

    PrestaShop also allows users to manage a secure connection, detect customer location, submit reports for optimize site performance and use various themes through the new versions of the manager.

    Differences between WooComerce and PrestaShop

    It is important to note that in general, WooComerce works as a WordPress plugin to manage online stores through a generic website. For its part, PrestaShop is designed to control all the activities carried out in an online store and offers extensive functionality related to web design of a shop .

    Customization options

    As for customization, WooComerce offers thousands of add-ons to be able to customize a virtual store. While PrestaShop allows you to insert videos into images or modules, thus expanding the design options.

    Not all WordPress themes work optimally with WooComerce as they can arise compatibility issues . Therefore, the advantage of WooComerce lies in its integration with WordPress, a quality that PrestaShop does not have.

    The problem of security

    WooComerce and PrestaShop by they usually have similar security performance . However, there is a greater risk for WooComerce-based online stores, as the lack of updating of plugins, sites and themes can create a more vulnerable environment in terms of security.

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    Prestashop also has some vulnerabilities that you can fix via the platform settings to protect your website. This largely depends on the use of plug-ins and provider at web hosting adequate.

    The use of the platform

    WooComerce is much easier to use than PrestaShop, as the latter has an admin panel with a lot of features you need to learn. Instead, WooComerce is just a plugin that integrates with WordPress .

    Which is better?

    WooComerce and PrestaShop have many similar attributes. WooComerce stands out for its integration with WordPress and its simplicity. However, PrestaShop offers many more functionalities and features for managing online stores.

    PrestaShop can be used for a large catalog of products due to its architecture, while WooComerce is more limited when saving product data. Therefore, the opinion on which tool is better will depend on the customer needs .

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