Word processor: uses, utilities, types and basic functions

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Basically these word processor they can be seen as the modern version of typewriters, but in a more digital way with a lot more features. These started reaching our world for several years starting in 1970 where experimental tests with them began and today it is even possible to use these word processors from our mobile phones.

What is a word processor?

These processors are nothing more than different software or computer programs, which are meant to create, modify, modify and process documents with different text formats, due to the type or size of their typography, shapes, colors and other details. . really necessary.

All the texts that we manage to process in these software are stored on our computers as files named papers . Obviously there is also the chance to save them on other devices such as pen drives or other mobile devices, and also allow you to print these documents.

Features of this software for my devices

The truth is, their functions are varied and very important nowadays, as most of us have only used them this way once.

From these software, we can have the ability to edit the texts, change the font or its size. It will also be possible to insert relevant elements, such as options' Bold ' or 'italics'.

Of course, from these processors we can align texts in terms of paragraphs as well as insert images, hyperlinks and all kinds of details such as indexes, footers and even titles.

They have made so much progress that it is even possible to detect all kinds of spelling errors in what is written, it also allows you to add tables and lists. Besides insert graphics made in other programs such as spreadsheets.

Write lyrics

With the different word processing programs that exist, it is more than enough to write any idea we have, of any kind, since we can start all kinds of text, both from scratch, and on an already written one, we can copy all kinds of text, with any format, font, size, etc. That is why for the academic field, for the workplace, the creative, etc. This type of tool is essential.

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Change paragraphs in texts

The texts we write in these software can be modified in the way we want, since we can implement formats with bullets, numbers, indents, centered, justified, aligned, etc. We can also give our text line spacing, create tables, images, text boxes, graphs, etc. The possibilities are limited only to the needs of those who use the text editor.

The texts we create in word processors like Word, WordPress, etc. They are highly editable, which is why they are so used by everyone, in different ways.

Types of fonts or letters, sizes, colors, etc.

Other elements that can be modified in the way we want are the fonts, since there are no limits for the size, or for the color or style of the font that we want to use. We can always choose a customizable size for our letter, as well as the tone we want for its colors.

Now, when it comes to font style, Word comes with hundreds of predefined font styles, such as Helvetica, Arial, Calibri, Agency, etc. But if what we want is to further customize our fonts, we can download all kinds of styles directly from the internet and install them on our device, in order to emulate the fonts from comics, movies, video games, etc.

Artistic effects

Artistic effects allow us to be even more creative when it comes to personalizing our texts, as not only can we use all kinds of creative fonts, but we can also edit images, create all kinds of creative layouts, etc.

Main features of a good word processor

A good word processor it should offer us a variety of features that will make our work at the time of writing that much easier and fun, intuitive writing, an easy-to-use interface, a variety of customization options, etc.

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What do we mean by predictive text? You see, when we write, we sometimes make some mistakes, such as typos, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, etc. An intuitive writing indicates each of the mistakes we have made , so that they are not overlooked, Microsoft Word is one of the leaders in this field, as it allows us to automatically correct spelling errors, punctuation errors, accentuation errors, typos?

A good word processor it must offer us a great deal of resources to be able to personalize our writings , from a good number of sources, through a good format editor, a creator of graphic elements to be able to draw, creator of titles, subtitles, etc.

The interface is very important, since it must be simple to use , it must be intuitive, it must have clearly marked all the elements that compose it, without some remaining in the background, while others are easier to find, etc. Beyond that, currently, one of the main requirements for a good word processor is that it has a fairly aesthetic interface.

Finally, a good word processor it must be able to support different formats , both from old versions and from other types of programs, as if we limit this tool to only one type of single format, it will be quite impractical to send at the moment. or receive files and, in the same way, be able to play them.

What are the main word processors?

There is a wide variety of processors, which they have special features in each of them, among the most common, we can mention the following.


This is one of the simplest word processors of all, because beyond that it has very few tools, thus limiting it to a very basic use. One of the features of this is that it only saves texts in Text TXT normal, although it is possible to change the character and time of the letter that is used.

OpenOffice Writer

This is a word processor which basically derives from the Open Office suite and developed by Sun System. It is one of the alternatives, similar to Microsoft Word itself , and basically it could be said that, together with Microsoft Word, it is one of the most used in the world.

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Once again we come across a really basic word processor, similar to notepad , but unlike this one it has a few more tools that, in addition to changing the size and type of the letter, will allow you to save the generated texts of a.


This is part of the iWork products from Apple and as expected it works on macOS operating systems, the truth is very easy and simple to use, allowing you to create text documents as if you were a professional. This also carries different forms such as a resume or diagrams in order to make things easier.

Microsoft Word

It is part of a package called Microsoft Office, which could basically be said to be one of the most used word processors by most users, as it has a wide variety of tools that will surely help you generate texts like a pro.


This is one of the processors that has very little to envy to processors like Microsoft Word or Pages, since it really has several functions and in addition to this it is Free subscription .

One of its advantages, in addition to its non-existent price, is that it is actually lighter than the two mentioned above, and its installation is really simple.

Another important aspect is that it can be used in both moles Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems , making it one of the most versatile ever, ideal for outdated computers.

Word processors are incredibly important to people's daily life since they are a fundamental part of academic, work and creative life , as we said before. It is important to choose the most suitable word processors for us or the most universal ones that have the best variety of functions in order to customize our texts in the way we want.

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