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Se Microsoft Store does not download applications when you try to download some of them, it may have some problems and you need to solve them to continue using its services and to be able to download the applications you want whenever you want.

The Microsoft store is the place where you can download any application for computers or any other Microsoft-branded device, these applications may or may not be brand-related, as there is no problem in allowing you to consume applications produced by other companies.

This virtual store is incorporated by default into the Windows operating system in its version 10, so from the moment you install this system on your computer you can download applications.

Some of these applications in Windows you have to do this by logging into an account and others you can download without needing an account. However, sometimes Microsoft Store can no longer download applications and we have to fix it.

    Why can't I install apps from the Microsoft Store?

    The application is not available for your country

    Family settings can hide apps

    The program is not compatible with the computer

    Microsoft Store: Effective Solutions You Should Try

    Check the connectivity of the proxy

    Clear the Microsoft Store cache

    Reset Windows update values

    Fix the Microsoft Store problem by restoring the program from scratch

    Can I get apps from the Microsoft Store without using this app? - As?

    Store repair to download apps

    To try to do Microsoft Store repair you need to know or get an idea of ​​what the problem is , this way you can start performing procedures or discard some that are not adequate.

    On some occasions, the same application generates the error that does not allow it to function correctly, as in the case of the 0x8000ffff error in the Update version, which is repetitive. Now, when the specific problem does not allow you to download applications, you can perform these two procedures:

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    First you have to press the Windows logo key plus the letter R at the same time, this will open a window called RUN or run, once inside, type the WSRESET command and then hit enter and the store will be repaired. If this procedure doesn't work, you can try opening start and in the search engine write POWERSHELL.

    Then right click on PowerShell and select Open as administrator and the run screen will appear, once a predefined code is copied inside for these repairs and with this code the shop is corrected.

    Powershell code and other solutions

    Once the code is written, press Enter, wait a moment and restart your computer , if this procedure does not work, remember that you can always uninstall the application and reinstall the store again, in this way any faults are also eliminated and you will be able to download more applications.

    Similarly, you can try to open start and search for settings, select and when you open search for Applications, then search for Microsoft Store and when you find it open the advanced options in which you will select the option to restore or Reset, wait a few minutes and then when you open it it should work fine.

    Sometimes the application malfunctions due to other types of errors which don't necessarily have to be related to the Microsoft store.

    Check the details

    To check if it is something else and solve these problems in the store, you should look at the following details, first make sure the date and time are configured correctly, adjust them if necessary and disable the Set time zone automatically.

    In this sense, another of the details can be the store updates to download them, from the system tray, search for Microsoft Store , select top, then look for the downloads and updates section.

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    Then point the cursor until you get the updates, after which install all the updates and then proceed to check if the store of the your operating system is already working correctly.

    Finally, you can check if there are new updates for Windows OS, to perform this action you must first go to the start menu, look for the settings button and enter, then search for Update & Security.

    Inside you will find the Windows Update section in which you need to click on the option to check for all updates and download each application and option that can be updated.

    Always remember to restart your computer or computer every time you finish performing one of these procedures, as it is a very important step so that the changes you have made can be saved in the best possible way.

    Later, if you will be able to open the Microsoft Store application for less and DON'T opens automatically as it does when the above code is executed.

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